Thriving as a Fundraiser  

(in Work and Life) 

A 6 week online coaching program for ambitious, heart-centred philanthropic professionals like you! 

Does this sound like you?

  • Are you a fundraiser who is passionate about your work, but feeling overwhelmed and exhausted?  
  • Are you ambitious and driven to create results in your organization but find yourself running into walls and barriers? 
  • Do you ever think about leaving the sector and going after a less-stressful corporate job?  
  • Are you curious about your own potential and wonder what is next in your career?  
  • Would you love to take on a leadership role someday but wonder how you would manage everything between work and home?  

If you answer YES to any of these questions (or maybe ALL of them), then Thriving as a Fundraiser in Work and Life is the right program for you! 

I created this 6 week online program because I see these challenges with my clients and I want to create the opportunity for you to find answers to these questions that will help you THRIVE in your role as a philanthropic ambassador and change maker in the world! 

Thriving as a Fundraiser is a multi-dimensional program that I have designed to 

  • create an affordable coaching experience for 
  • ambitious, heart-centred and open-minded professionals 
  • who are looking for solutions, support and community as they 
  • navigate the fulfilling yet demanding path of working in philanthropy. 

What You Will Experience:

  • Inspiration- clarity about WHY you do what you do  
  • Content – 6 modules of content informed by hundreds of coaching conversations
  • Worksheets - to help you create and commit to a plan of action specific for you;
  • Accountability – a partner in the program to connect with and celebrate progress
  • Community – a closed Facebook group where we will share resources, support and connection throughout the program and beyond  

Thriving as a Fundraiser in Work and Life Content Outline  

Week One: Inspiration and Mindset

Week Two: Know Thyself – Strengths, Feedback, Passion 

Week Three: Creating a Strategic Plan for YOU – how to create a vision and get clear on your purpose 

Week Four: Making it Happen – putting your plan into action with the 3 C’s – Commitment, Consistency and Courage  

Week Five: Self-care and Support – creating a system to take care of YOU  

Week Six: Reflection and Intention – thriving beyond the program  

If you are ready to THRIVE in your role of fundraising professional, then you need this course!

6 online sessions for $347 (until April 27th at 6:00pm PST) $497 if you delay!

Course starts May 4 and runs until June 15th on Fridays at noon PST for 75 minutes. (No class Friday June 1)

Can't make all sessions live? Don't worry, I'll send you the recording after each session.

PLUS the first 10 people to register will receive a COMPLIMENTARY coaching session with me! That is a $150 value!

Why I Can Help You?

I know exactly how it feels to love your work in fundraising and constantly feel stressed about achieving your financial targets and meeting the board’s expectations. 

I think fundraising professionals are the hardest working, most dedicated and loyal people I know, and we are often unappreciated and overworked. 

After twenty years in fundraising, I retrained as an executive coach at Royal Roads University and have been coaching since 2011. I have had hundreds of coaching conversations with fundraisers over the past seven years and the themes from those conversations informed my passion for creating the Thriving as a Fundraiser content.

YOU are changing the world through philanthropy and I want to help you thrive as a human while you are doing that amazing work in the world.  

Need more information?

Please feel free to reach out to me at

100% Guarantee! If you are not happy with the course within the first 3 sessions, I will refund your course registration!